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November 14, 2012


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Get to know your admins! The Rainbow Guardians!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 4:00 PM

:bulletred: FAQ :bulletorange: RULES :bulletyellow: AREAS OF INTEREST :bulletgreen: GENERAL CHATROOM :bulletblue: ROLEPLAY CHATROOM :bulletpurple:

Get to know your admins! The wonderful people who created this amazing (If I say so myself) role playing group known as Pokemon Rainbow. Featuring Ry-Spirit LindyLizards alexandrasalas Lady-Frig Promsie kaelle , and also big shout out to those who were with us once before like nabari Lydasquid and Shioiri

1. How long have you been drawing? And what does art mean to you?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: I came out of my mother's womb holding a graphic tablet. Art to me is an expression of one's ideas and creativity, like a message to the world through a beautiful drawing kinda thing.

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: I've been drawing recognizeable things since I was like 2. So a million years ago. (I am a Million and 2 years old) (I am also bad at math) (I'm a million and 1 years old).
I like Art cause... you can draw what ever you want. And no one can stop you. But like... not everything you do will be art. Only some things will be? Those things that YOU feel most strongly about. Thats art. Those things that you pour your heart and soul into are art. Everything else is filler. (Delicious cookie filling)

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: Ever since I can remember. I used to draw on my storybooks when they didn't have illustrations. XD Art for me means life and being able to express myself and share it.

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz:  Ever since I was a wee girl, not coloring in the lines of coloring books, and drawing stick figures and overly muscle men that have zero anatomical proportions. Art means freedom and creative imagination. Something to let you have fun with and not care what people say or do about the art you like making.

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: I started drawing when I was 11. But started digital in 2010. Art to me is a past time and an awesome way to express myself since I am horrible with words.

2. How long have you been on Deviantart? And how has an art website helped you in your art? Or even help you as a person?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: I've been on Deviantart for 5 years now, I think it has helped me in many ways as I get lots of feedback from people, both positive and negative (Mostly positive, cos you know, just look at my stuff. How can you say anything negative about that? I mean come on.) Through people's comment I can know whether I am on the right track or whether it needs improvement in certain areas etc. I think DA has shaped me into a better person seriously, I think it has broaden my mind as well as taught me how to talk to people properly. Because you get so many different people of different ages and cultures, you just learn to appreciate everyone as who they and stuff. Its wonderful :'D

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: Despite a few things here and there I've found DA to be rather helpful. Once I got into groups anyway and made friends. And once I got over my fear of asking really fantastic artists for help and guidance. You have to be carefull though. On DA you might not always get the critique you want or need so you might had to ask outright for it. But you have to be ready for it when you ask. Ready to accept that you made a mistake.

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: I've been on dA since 2003, that is... 9 years.  I think if it wasn't for dA, I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people who have influenced my art and helped me improve and strive to be a better artist.

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: I have been on deviantart for almost 6 years. Most of them, I rarely used deviantart until I joined groups. I think it helped when I actually paid attention to it. But I was also on other websites and drawing there as well. Just gotta be willing to improve and let people help as well with advice too.

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: I have been on Da for 2 years. It has helped me meet amazing artists and has taught me different ways to draw. I would have never explored these different methods of drawing if not for DA. Its actually made me a better person, because I learned how to express myself truly.

3. Boxers or briefs

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: Briefs

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: I am a Lizard. I do not wear clothes. *Skitters under a rocks*

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: Briefs :D

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: Nude please

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: Panties plz. No homo.

4. What does "being creative" mean to you?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: Being different and adding your own personal flare to something.

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: Being creative... That's hard. I kinda just always am. Even if I don't mean to be. It just means being able to express yourself in any sort of medium. Be it writeing or art. Its also that willingness to change something if you need to. Or drop things that aren't working and go back and try again.

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: It's hard to describe, but it means I'm able to express my feelings through my medium of choice and share it with the world.

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: It means... That I’m going to show people just how open I let myself be to a subject. Depending on what it is and how much freedom I get to use.

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: Expressing yourself in different way. How you dress, talk, walk, move and smile. You are being creative everyday through these. To me, it means..well..Being everything you can do and be.

5. Lets talk Pokemon, when did you start getting into Pokemon and why do you like it so much? Also, which is your favourite Pokemon if you only have to pick ONE?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: Shortly after moving to Australia, I remember one morning I saw a yellow rabbit thing on TV. I was like 'what IS that cute little thing?' Little did I know that yellow creature would one day become my husband. But yeah, the anime in general is fantastic because it NEVER stays too far away from its initial concept of a boy and his friend on their journey to become the very best, that no one ever was. And staying true to the theme that no matter whether you win or lose, its friendship and love that is most important. I like dat. And yes… favourite Pokemon is Pikachu, that was easy.

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: Ah pokemon you hold a warm special place in my heart. Like really, you have no idea. When I was little Pokemon only came on at like 2:30pm while we were on the bus but my youngest brother was like 4 and so he could watch it religiously. And He did. Oh boy did he ever. He's the one that initially got us into it. We'd watch it when we were sick or on holidays. I was really into the cards when I was younger. More than the games but I was never very good. Kaelle always beat me > with her all chansey and wigglytuff team. Don't play pokemon cards with Kaelle. She will win.
The first game I played was my cousins's copy of gold, she'd gotten the lil Promotional gameboy color with the pikachu too. The first game I actually got to finish was Ruby. So if I had to pick a pokemon. Just one. Forever. It'd be Quagsire. Becuase. I mean look at that face. 2cute

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: I got into it back in 1999 when Cartoon Network Latin America started showing the anime. Then I got into the games, bought Pokémon Yellow and have played all the generations since then.  What I really love about Pokémon is the creatures and the sense of adventure in both the games and the tv series.

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: I got into it when I grew incredibly jealous that my brother had pokemon cards and I didn’t. I was very young then, and I’m the baby of my family... It happens. :I I like it more now because of the games, the anime is whatever and mostly for younger kids than me. My favorite pokemon is Cubone, give me one!

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: I got into pokemon after I watched pokemon 2000. I never had television when I was little so VCR tapes were the only things I had. I fell in love with pokemon because it was a whole new world for me. I love it so much because it is so different and moving. My fave pokemon is charizard. I adore that fooping fire lizard.

6. How long have you been roleplaying and who are your main characters?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: Im a terrible role player, but I love seeing other people role playing their characters and see how their characters look like as well as interacting with other people's characters. My characters includes Champion Ry and Midori. They are really there to mod the chatroom to be honest.

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: OMFG TO LONG. TO LONG SEND HELP. I started Roleplaying on the neopets forums when I was like 12. I'd lie and say I was 13. All oneshot RPs, all Mary Sue characters. I RPed there a lot and did a few private ones over AIM. Because IN MY DAY we didn't have these fancy FIREFOXES or GOOGLE CHROMES. Just AOL. And DIAL UP. And you had to share the computer with 5 other people. So you had to take turns. Actually I didn't even have a home computer till I was in 8th grade. Most of the time I'd just go to my aunts on weekends and use hers and watch Tenchi. I've come a long way though.  My mains for PR are Lindy, Cam and Octavian from time to time. I use Judith and J'ean a lot more out of PR. Its just weird for me to RP them out of their normal habitat.

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: I'm not really a role player. I just help with this group. XD;

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: Probably been roleplaying since... mid 7th grade for the most part. My main characters.... I’ll just say they’re the guys on this group that I’ve created. Since Rps can get confusing.

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: I actually don't roleplay much. Too shy too. My main character is mostly my own ocs outside PKMN rainbow. I have a fire elite but have yet to draw her.

7. The future of Pokemon Rainbow, what do you aim to achieve or change or improve on?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: I have an idea of these 'dimensions' that I wanna introduce to the Rainbow region, there's glimpses of these dimensions since the first day Pokemon Rainbow was born. And my wish is that more members would help other members out with whether its role playing or art. HELP EACH OTHER IMPROVE! SHARE THE LOVE.

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: I want to get the RP rules finished and posted. So that we can stop having confusions. I wanna be on more. And I'm sorry I haven't. I am a big dummy. But I love alla you. And you can always not me if you have trouble.

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: I see a very colorful future!  Seriously though, perhaps moving some more quests into the gym badges side of things would be a good idea to do next.

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: World domination. Now seriously, I want people to have fun and not get stressed on having to be so overly dramatic whenever they get the chance to. Drama isn’t always fun, especially when there’s no thought into what’s going on with the drama. To improve on though, that’ll be tough. It can’t just be one person’s views, it has to be done in a group and talked over. Then more ideas can come into play and then it’ll be better as a whole.

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: I hope to become more active through missions and suggestions ;A;. And interact more with members <3

8. Any professional tips about Roleplaying or drawing?

:iconry-spirit::iconsaysplz: Roleplaying… be prepared to read lots of stuff, ok the main reason why I say I suck at role playing is because I can't read properly, sometimes I read a lot text of stuff and can forget what I just read, or I misread something and get the message wrong. So yeah don't ask me about roleplaying. For Drawing I can say, try lots of style until you find one that you are most comfortable with, and try to improve that. Also find ways to improve your flaws, if you have problems with body proportions, go to live drawing class. If you have problem with colouring, look at how people colour their stuff through youtube videos or something. And talk to people to get feedback from them about your artworks :D

:iconlindylizards::iconsaysplz: for RP. RESEARCH!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you are gonna RP some one with a special skill or even a Handicap. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST or don't do it at all! PLEASE. It can get really offensive to people who actually have those problems when you do it wrong.  Also don't add on that sort of stuff to make a boring character interesting. Those sort of things don't help make a person anymore or less interesting. Infact a handicap or special skill should not define your character. Second, Do not corner your RP partner/ Partners into doing something they are uncomfortable with. Wanna do a mairrage plot, ask first. Gonna blow out the windows on a building? And Cause a scene... maybe ask first. OOCly. Just check "hey guys? Can I make a big scene here? I'm not interupting some heavy drama or anything am I?" Stuff like that. God that would just save some of us SO much stress if we just knew it was coming oocly first.
For art. I have this vid… for all forms of art.... that I like to reffer people back to. Its the ebst advice I have ever seen, done, or eaten.

:iconalexandrasalas::iconsaysplz: Practice, practice, practice! Draw from life. Take a sketchbook and pencil wherever you go and sketch what you see! It'll help you improve a lot.

:iconlady-frig::iconsaysplz: Stay in school, still life helps, references help. Don’t do drugs.

:iconpromsie::iconsaysplz: On drawing, always experiment with new methods. It goes a long way. Drawing a little everyday changes everything too.

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